I must confess that a few weeks ago I told me son to put a 'cork in it'.

He had overstepped the mark and I thought it was time to make it clear that what he had said was not on.

But he laughed and asked me what a cork was!

HR is being disrupted globally by digital and some businesses are still using corks to solve new problems.

We work with clients around Australia helping them to define their Digital HR strategy and roll out their Digital HR roadmap.

It does surprise us how often client think that Digital is technology and that is only an enabler for HR. Actually, that approach is the old cork.

Digital HR is transforming the traditional model of HR and no longer playing a subordinate role.


The role of Digital HR for workers

Digital is about driving the whole worker experience and driving engagement. The consumerisation of HR. Digital is really an extension of our arm (much like Apple marketing told us with the original iPod) and we want the experience of HR to be at our fingertips, anywhere and anytime.


The role of Digital HR for management

From a management perspective, Digital HR is about helping their business move through the Digital HR maturity model to achieve Digital HR actualisation. The benefits to the business with greater maturity include:

  1. Driving employee engagement
  2. Gains in efficiency through automation
  3. Gains in data management for better compliance and business storytelling
  4. Gains in predictive analytics and reporting
  5. Potential for driving business innovation
Digital HR Maturity Model.png


Digital HR maturity model

In helping clients understand their Digital HR maturity we help them plot their HR domains on a heat map.

Digital HR Maturity Heat Map.png


Digital HR maturity heat map

After plotting the current state HR domains we then develop a future state and a strategy to achieve Digital HR maturity that will achieve the intended benefits.

FK is a leader in Digital HR that can help companies HR become truly digital