We regularly encounter the need to develop training programs that appeal to multi-generational audiences. With the influx of the Millennials into the workforce and older generations remaining at work for longer, it’s becoming more important for learning programs to cater to a wider variety of learner needs. One size does not fit all. How do we make sure our programs don’t alienate a segment of our audience while pandering to another? More than ever before, understanding different needs and providing options to empower learners is the key.

We recognise that the concept of generations is an act of generalising; just because I was born in a certain year doesn’t mean I will have a particular learning style. But that’s ok – what it reinforces is our age-old need to cater to a variety of different learning styles in everything we do.

So you want to learn how to use our new system? No problem. How would you like that learning?

We are not only increasingly offering a blended learning solution, but a menu of training delivery options too. For example:

Peer-to-peer learning through forums, wikis and resource centres – where the Millennials can show of their tech dexterity and learn collaboratively

Self-directed eLearning – to cater to the independent, self-motivating Generation X

Drop-in centres (loosely structured face-to-face sessions) – where the Baby Boomers can get tailored attention one-on-one or in small groups

This isn’t to say that the number one contributor to your online learning forum wasn’t once a screaming Beatles fan. Or that your drop-in centres won’t be dominated by Beyoncé buffs. But all learners will have an option that helps them gain knowledge in the way they feel comfortable.