Deploy & Adopt

The system design has enabled people and process changes to be rapidly deployed through a series of iterations.

Vendor Selection


Which vendor has technology to meet our needs?



How can we manage the program and decision making?

Business, Process & System Design

How do we change
how we work and design our tools?



How can we support
our workers to


We help our clients answer these questions

  • How can we ensure this project delivers on time, on budget and can navigate decision making? 
  • How can we construct a transparent process to select vendor(s) in a flooded market?
  • What will our new frameworks and business processes be?
  • What choices do we need to make in the system to support the new frameworks and business processes? What is best practice system design? How do we make our systems talk and share data?
  • What are we deploying in each sprint? Who are we deploying it to?

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