Digital HR Support

Getting the most out of your HR cloud tools

Selecting and implementing cloud HR tools is the first step in adopting a new technology solution. Embedding your new platform within your organisation is the main goal, which can often be the most challenging part. Our Digital HR Support Services are designed to supplement the standard vendor support framework for organisations in the business as usual (BAU) stage post implementation – where you are focusing on user adoption and streamlining the way you work.

We have developed a set of packaged services to help with life after implementation:

FK Assist

FK Evolve

Get ahead & tune up your portal to keep employees engaged

Enhance the capabilities of your administrators

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Build your rolling roadmap ($4,750 one-time fee)

  • Tune up report – identify improvement opportunities in your portal
  • Rolling roadmap – define your 12 month rolling roadmap to deploy new features to your users

Support your rolling roadmap ($2,500 per month)

  • Fortnightly roadmap planning and progress meeting (remote)
  • Develop rolling roadmap monthly dashboard for key stakeholders
  • Review impacts of ongoing CSOD releases, recommend updates to roadmap
  • Review progress of roadmap, highlight next activities and risks
  • Review and report user adoption metrics
  • Recommendations for release deployment and branding

Roadmap implementation services (scoped separately)

Bundles of support hours

  • Access to experts
  • Regular task management
  • Troubleshoot user issues
  • Investigate defects
  • Escalate to Global Product Support (GPS)
  • Administrator training

Bundles of support hours come in denominations of 10 hours, 20 hours and 50 hours.

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(1)Terms and conditions apply: Support your rolling roadmap monthly service is for a minimum sign-on period of 6 months. Offer of one month free is only valid when booked by 22 December 2016 and in conjunction with ‘Build Your Rolling Roadmap’. Offer represents $2500 in value. For more information, please contact us.

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