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Digital HR - What to Expect in 2017

[Future Knowledge LeapChat]

Held on Wednesday 22nd February, 10:00am

Join industry thought leaders David Guazzarotto (CEO Future Knowledge) and Jason Averbook (CEO LeapGen) for a lively debate on what we can expect in Digital HR, Workforce Technology and the Future of Work in the year ahead.  Not just your average HR Tech trends session, you can expect a healthy mix of shiny new ideas, practical tips on how to drive your own roadmap and some decent home truths. 

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podcast: talking people and tech

Held fortnightly

Join David Guazzarotto (CEO) and Jared Cameron (Practice Director) every fortnight, for great HR conversations covering themes like HR Technology, Talent Management and the Future of Work.


webinar: launching functionality and creating hype

Held on Thursday 10 November, 11:00am

One of the great things about cloud based software is that new features are rolled our regularly to help provide for better user experience with your talent management system. But how can you make the most of these updates if your employees are unaware of them?



Held on Thursday 3 November, 11:00am

David Guazzarotto, CEO of Future Knowledge and Jason Averbook (one of the top 3 thought leaders globally) discuss the intersection of the future of work. Topics include: The shift to Cloud  / What the future looks like for consumerisation and UE / How you can capitalise on the biggest opportunity in the HR world: data

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webinar: are you making the most of the power of video?

Held on Thursday 22nd September, 11:00am

Join us in a 30 minute masterclass webinar which introduces you to what makes video great and how you can get creative and keep things interesting for your employees, with a focus on Cornerstone. 


webinar: 5 things you should be do as a cornerstone administrator

Held on Thursday 11th August, 10:00am

Whether you're reaching the end of your implementation, you're rolling out to the business, or you've already gone live, there are a number of key things a Cornerstone System Administrator needs to be doing.

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webinar: beyond the classroom - the learning ecosystem

Held on Thursday 1st October, 11:00am

In today's day and age, HR and the L&D industry is increasingly complex and adopting the right approach is critical to the organisation's success. This webinar introduces you to why training is not enough and why a centric learning model is better for your organisation.


webinar: onboarding in the digital age

Held on Wednesday 11th November, 12:30pm

We all live in the digital age, and this means what we do and how we do it is constantly evolving. The way people join our organisations is no different. Join Michael Specht of HROnboard and Pure Learning’s  Raf Dolanowski as they discuss what's changed.