There has never been a more exciting time to be in business technology, the accelerated speed of technology is mind blowing. We talk to a lot of organisations who are finding it harder and harder to keep up and leverage this technology. The one thing that gets missed in this conversation is the human side, yet software doesn’t run your business, your people do!

Join the hosts of the show, David Guazzarotto (CEO) and Jared Cameron (Director of Consulting) for great HR conversations covering themes like HR Technology, Talent Management, Future of Work and Consumer technology.

Founded in June 2016, Talking People and Technology show has grown to 9,000 plays,
40 episodes to date. The hosts have seamlessly captured a captive and loyal audience.


Meet the hosts

David Guazzarotto - CEO at Future Knowledge

David is one of AU's leading authorities on HR, Talent Management & social collaboration technologies. For over 20 years, he has worked at the intersection of people management & technology as an influencer, thought leader, consultant and change leader.

Contact David: 
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Jared Cameron - Director of Consulting at Future Knowledge

Jared helps organisations to adapt to the future of work, to bring consumer-like experiences into the enterprise and to focus on sustainable adoption. Jared has a passion for connecting people to technology and sees the need to challenge the traditional organisation construct.

Contact Jared: 
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